Xircuits 1.9 Release

Muhammad Fahreza Alghifari
23 Nov 2023

We’re excited to announce the release of Xircuits v1.9! This release focuses on enhancing workflow connectivity and management, particularly beneficial for those handling large language models and chatbots.

Enhance Your Workflow Connectivity with Xircuits v1.9

Xircuits v1.9 introduces an array of new features and an expanded component library, along with a redesigned Command Line Interface (CLI) that elevates your workflow management experience.

🌟 Key Features & Enhancements:

  • Dynamic Ports: Introducing a new type of port that grows with your needs, allowing for a flexible and scalable approach to linking multiple nodes and parameters in your workflows.


  • Toggle Link Animation: Optimize performance by disabling animations, especially useful when working with limited computational resources.

  • Literal Chat Components: Simulate chat-like interactions within your workflows with ease, thanks to the new Literal Chat component for message dictation.

  • Booleans Now Togglable: Enhance your workflow logic with Booleans that can be toggled directly within the interface.

  • Customizable Output Panel: Configure the spawn location of your Output Panel through the .xircuits/config.ini, tailoring your environment to your preferences.

πŸš€ New Component Libraries:

  • Anthropic and HuggingFace Libraries: Directly interface with leading AI models from Anthropic and HuggingFace for state-of-the-art NLP capabilities.
  • Web and Database Integration: Utilize Flask for web applications and manage data with SQLite components, with added Google Drive and Spreadsheet integration for seamless data management.
  • Actor-Based Modeling: Integrate Thespian actors into your workflows to manage complex tasks with message queuing.

πŸ›  CLI Revamps:

Experience a more intuitive CLI with new commands, simplifying Xircuits management:

xircuits start                # Launches Xircuits, with options like --no-browser
xircuits install <library>    # Installs a component library based on requirements.txt
xircuits fetch-only <library> # Fetches but doesn't install a library
xircuits examples             # Downloads examples and datasets
xircuits compile <source> <destination> [python_paths] # Compiles workflows to Python scripts
xircuits list                 # Lists all component libraries

Replace <library>, <source>, and <destination> with your specific library names or file paths as needed.

πŸ› Bug Fixes & Breaking Changes:

  • Improvements have been made in Literal Parameter Input Handling and other areas to enhance overall functionality.
  • For workflows created in previous versions, a simple resave in the new format should resolve any compatibility issues.

In Summary

Xircuits v1.9 elevates your workflow management and connectivity, making it not just more efficient and reliable, but also more intuitive and enjoyable. We are dedicated to improving your experience and look forward to your feedback. For a comprehensive list of changes, visit the full changelog here.

Dive into Xircuits v1.9 and discover how enhanced workflow connectivity can boost your productivity! πŸš€