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App Development

Once I switched to using Xpress AI's Vecto APIs, we were able to implement the app in just two weekends!

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Diverse Tools, Single API

Unleash a spectrum of AI tools with one simple integration; be the developer everyone talks about.

Intelligent Data Processing with Vector Search

Equip your applications with the ability to process unstructured data in real-time with our vector search engine Vecto. Vecto's features make it easy to implement AI features such as matching, recommendations, analytics, and predictive modeling.

Custom AI Agent Creation

With our Agent Platform, designing and deploying AI agents specifically tailored to your application is easy. Allowing you to enhancing user experience by automating tasks, or providing intelligent insights.

Conversational AI for Dynamic User Interaction

Embed AI-driven conversational interfaces into any application, enhancing user engagement and offering intuitive assistance, support, and guidance to users.


Real Apps, Real Examples

Join the league of standout apps powered by AI; let your success be the example.

Wiki Search

This tutorial demonstrates constructing a vector search toolbar using Python and Vecto SDK, followed by a command line search using our documentation.

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Recommendation System

This tutorial teaches how to build a recommendation system, from data setup and smart search to advanced techniques like analogies and prompt injection.

Read Tutorial

This tutorial introduces Vecto, a vector database, covering Vector Space setup and data ingestion in a Jupyter notebook. It focuses on the VectorSpace class in the Python SDK, with advanced Vecto class content in the next tutorial.

Read Tutorial

This tutorial explains how to use the Vecto AI client for indexing text and image data. It offers practical examples and references to a dedicated tutorial repository.

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Coming Soon

Ever-Evolving Features: Stay Ahead

With Xpress AI, you're always at the forefront of AI innovation; your app grows as the tech world evolves, setting you apart as a pioneer among peers.

PHP Support and more

We are expanding our SDK beyond Python and Javascript with PHP, Ruby, .Net and more so you can add AI no matter what your app is using.

Github Actions integration

Custom actions allow you to include AI training and validation into your CI/CD pipeline.

Slack integration

Deploy your app right into your customer's slack or teams servers easily with an agent that can act intelligently with natural prompts.

Database integration

Onboard your agents to your customers in a way that ensures no data leakage.

Google Drive integration

Allow your app to create documents and reports directly in Google Drive or Sharepoint.

Firebase integration

Make your app react intelligently to real time events.



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Personalised service
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