Xircuits 1.8 Release

Muhammad Fahreza Alghifari
1 Jun 2023

We are excited to announce Xircuits v1.8! This update brings a range of enhancements and bug fixes designed to improve your Xircuits experience. From automatic initialization of In/OutArgs to the addition of more bleeding edge frameworks as XAI component libraries, we’ve worked hard to make Xircuits better than ever.

Xircuits Core Features

  • Automatic In/OutArgs initialization: We’ve updated the way In/OutArgs are initialized to make it automatic. You can now remove empty ports definitions and let Xircuits handle the initialization for you.
  • Smarter Diagram Operations: Multiple nodes with links and link points are preserved when copying or reloading nodes. You can properly copy diagram objects between canvases.  The objects now spawn near the the last clicked point as opposed to the same coordinates as the original objects.
  • Improved UI: A new reload-all nodes feature has a new button in the toolbar, which has been also re-arranged for your convenience, and we’ve updated the Long String Overflow Display for better visibility. The output panel now auto-scrolls and spawns on the right side.
  • Enhanced Port Functionality: Support for multiple types of ports and input types has been added.

New Component Libraries

We’re excited to introduce new component libraries, including:

With the inclusion of these new libraries, your deployment possibilities are now more dynamic and flexible than ever before. Users can engage with your application through popular platforms like Discord or Slack. You can then utilize one of our message queuing component libraries to manage the message . The OpenAI library can then be integrated as the backend to intelligently respond to these queries, thus facilitating the creation of the most sophisticated bot that can be deployed in a matter of seconds. 

We’re also excited to unveil the GPT Agent Toolkit which provides a comprehensive set of Xircuits components that allow you to experiment with and create Collaborative Large Language Model-based automatons (Agents) in the style of BabyAGI and Auto-GPT. More of this will be discussed in a future blogpost, so stay tuned!

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

We’ve squashed a number of bugs, including issues with Literal List and Dict compilation, Canvas Size Effect on Literal Strings, and Action Panel Spawn Location. Additionally, we’ve implemented Literal Data Validation to prevent compilation breaks. We’ve also improved the link rendering which builds up if you have a massive workflow.

Upgrading to v1.8

To upgrade, simply uninstall your current Xircuits from your venv and run

pip install xircuits

If you have any existing xai components, we’d recommend updating at least the base components at xai_components/

For the complete list of changes and bug fixes, please refer to the full changelog: v1.7.0…v1.8.2.

We hope you enjoy the improvements in Xircuits v1.8. Happy Xircuit-ing!

Extra News

Xircuits will be at the heart of the challenges at this year’s Builders Weekend in Tokyo! As one of the sponsors, XpressAi is excited to see the innovative solutions that participants will develop. Don’t miss out!