Xircuits 1.7 Release

Muhammad Fahreza Alghifari
27 Mar 2023

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Xircuits 1.7, a significant update packed with features that greatly enhance your Xircutis workflow creation experience. This version introduces advanced workflow capabilities, which allows to to perform do-while and if loop logic, alongside an extended collection of component libraries and workflow examples.

Advanced Workflow Capabilities

With the addition of branch components and loop components, you can now create more intricate workflows that utilize do or if-like logic and loop logic. These new features provide greater flexibility and control, allowing you to design and implement complex processes with ease!

Component Support for Custom Layer Model Building

We’ve added a set of components to create custom sequential PyTorch models using a modular approach. The components can be combined to create models with different layers and configurations!

Each component has input and output ports that can be used to configure the layers or pass the model between components. Use these components for a more interactive and visual way of creating your deep learning models!

New Component Libraries: RPA, Streamlit, RabbitMQ, and MQTT

Xircuits 1.7 brings an new of component libraries for you to play with, including RPA, Streamlit, RabbitMQ, and MQTT. These libraries significantly expand the range of applications you can build with Xircuits:

  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation) components enable you to automate repetitive tasks, increasing efficiency and reducing the potential for human error.

  • Streamlit components facilitate the rapid development of interactive web applications, allowing you to create visually appealing and highly functional tools for data analysis and visualization.

  • RabbitMQ components provide a robust and reliable messaging platform, ensuring smooth communication between your application components.

  • MQTT components offer a lightweight messaging protocol, perfect for IoT devices and low-bandwidth applications.

Together, these component libraries unlock a multitude of possibilities, empowering you to create more powerful, diverse, and efficient workflows.

Upgrade to Xircuits 1.7 today and experience the enhanced workflow capabilities and new component libraries it offers. Unleash your creativity and build more complex, efficient, and innovative workflows with ease!