Congratulations to the Xpress Ai Challenge Hackathon Winners!

Muhammad Fahreza Alghifari
20 Jun 2023

We have some exciting news from the recent Tokyo Builders Weekend hackathon. We would like to congratulate Team Nourish for winning the Xpress Ai challenge!

The team aimed to create a smart solution to address the global issue of food waste. They developed a supermarket app that logs food items nearing their expiration dates, which are usually sold at reduced prices, and lists them for consumers. This win-win approach helps supermarkets reduce waste while providing budget-savvy shoppers with access to affordable, fresh groceries.

The app’s standout feature is its integration of Vecto, our vector database software. Unlike typical search features, Vecto enables a natural language search function that mimics a conversation with a human assistant. This gives users the ability to find and buy items nearing expiration that are being sold at reduced prices.
For instance, a search for “poultry” could return chicken or other meat options, while a search for “sweet things” might list ice cream or whipped cream. This versatility enhances the shopping experience, freeing users from strict keyword searches.

This innovative solution is a powerful demonstration of Vecto’s potential in a real-world context, even in its simplest application.

Photo taken by @Zakku | Builders Weekend

The supermarket app by Team Nourish demonstrates the real-world potential of Vecto, highlighting its simplicity and usefulness. We congratulate Team Nourish for their successful innovation. To share their achievement, we’ll soon feature tutorials based on their app on our documentation website. We encourage our tech community to learn from their success.
Stay tuned for these tutorials and more from our innovative community!