XpressAI's 2023 Recap and What's Next in 2024

Muhammad Fahreza Alghifari
24 Feb 2024

As we move forward in 2024, let’s take a moment to reflect on the milestones and achievements of 2023 and share our excitement for what’s unfolding this year. Here’s a quick rundown on the major milestones of our technology:


We recently open-sourced Technologic, our in-house developed AI chat solution. Designed with a strong emphasis on privacy and user-friendliness, Technologic offers features like secure local storage of conversations, BYO API Key functionality, organized conversation folders, message editing, and topic branching. These capabilities make Technologic an ideal choice for organizations looking to integrate AI communication tools responsibly.


Technologic has been featured in an article on, highlighting its use in privacy-compliant applications in the workplace.

You can try Technologic here.


Vecto made significant strides in 2023, focusing on improving the developer experience and practical application of our technology. We launched new SDKs for TypeScript and enhanced our Python SDK, making it simpler for developers to integrate Vecto into their projects. Our Vecto dev docs now includes simple tutorial and examples, as well as real use cases for both TypeScript and Python, with Python examples readily executable on Google Colab.

Another key development was the release of the Vecto Docusaurus plugin, enabling enhanced vector search capabilities within Docusaurus-based websites. If you’d like to see it in action, we’ve deployed it on our own doc websites, and!

We’ve also updated the UI of the Vecto user portal. You can perform text and image searches in your vector spaces, and track your usage.

Vecto Portal

For those interested in trying out Vecto, you can apply for an access by creating an XpressAI ID at


We’ve been working hard to keep Xircuits up to date, new features designed to enhance the workflow creation, management, and connectivity for its users. The introduction of control-flow logic such as branch and loop components enables users to create more complex process designs with ease. We also introduced dynamic ports that can self-adjust, adding or removing themselves based on the active connections.

Our component libraries have expanded to over 25 collections, encompassing tools for RPA, data visualization, messaging protocols, and integrations with platforms like Slack and Discord. With built-in support for major ML frameworks and a broad external library, Xircuits now offers enhanced usability and versatility for a wide range of applications.

Keeping with the trend, we’ve released component libraries that wraps OpenAI, Anthropic, and HuggingFace APIs, granting users direct access to cutting-edge NLP model capabilities within their Xircuits workflows. New features such as the Literal Chat components were introduced and the Xircuits CLI was revamped.

Xircuits Canvas v1.10

We’ve also very recently released Xircuits 1.10 (and a few more patches), which introduces event-driven workflows, SubXircuits, and a upgraded workflow canvas UI. Stay tuned for the upcoming Xircuits 1.10 release blog post for the highlights!

Additional Highlights

  • Live Streaming on Twitch: We’ve started streaming on Twitch at xpress_ai! Join us on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday evenings JST for live streams of our open-source development work and more. We’d love to have you tune in.
  • New Website: We’ve given our website a fresh new paint. Check out the updated design and let us know your thoughts!

Looking Ahead to 2024

As we venture into 2024, anticipate significant enhancements across our suite of technologies, including Technologic, Vecto, and Xircuits, among others. XpressAI is committed to empowering developers with cutting-edge, easy-to-integrate AI solutions. Look forward to the upcoming engagements and launches:

  • Takeoff Tokyo: We’re eagerly preparing for our participation in the next Takeoff Tokyo event on April 10-11, 2024. For more updates, visit
  • XpressAi Platform: The much-anticipated launch of the XpressAi platform is on the horizon. We are in the final stages of refining what promises to be a transformative resource for AI development. Ensure you’re part of the early access group by joining the waitlist here.

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey. Here’s to a year filled with productivity and innovations in 2024!